Same-Sex Marriage

LGTBQX couples get married, and also get divorced. Human behavior and relationships issues do not discriminate. The right to marry gives spouses the ability for state and federal benefits like inheritance, next of kin, and social security benefits. Many of these laws are new and written state by state. With that in mind, many divorce laws are still antiquated as they were crafted with different-sex couples as the model.
Possible Legal Issues

The challenges specific to LGBTQX couples.

Since many same-sex couples have only been able to legally marry in recent years this can create issues for dividing assets for partners who have been together for 20+ years, as they the court may only recognize the 2 years they have been legally married. Another common issue is child right's, custody, visitation and inheritance for a non-biological spouse. Not all states use the "marital presumption" laws that assume the other spouse to be a parent when a child is born. These laws can be interpreted differently by judges in California and Michigan.

LGBTQX Community

We welcome you and support your rights.

We have experience with and welcome same-sex couples. Our team will work with you to identify any up front issues in California or Michigan that may complicate the divorce. CMC Family Law Group is happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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