Court Alternative

There are many other options to a judge deciding the outcomes of your divorce. They are often quicker, less painful and save you money. This includes informal conversations with attorneys, friend of the court referees, and ADR voluntary settlements like arbitration, and mediation.
Key Factors

Your Willingness to Work Together

Not all divorces go to court. Alternative options usually are less adversarial and have more casual conversations than a court environment. Our team can help you with your options prior to court, which really should be a last resort. With that in mind, California and Michigan both require an attempt at mediation to resolve many issues before the dispute is placed before a judge.

Litigated Divorce

More Control of the Outcome

If the more friendly options do not work, there is still another good option to keep the final decision in you and your spouses control. If you don't want to leave the divorce decree up to a judge you can litigate back and forth between two attorneys to find solutions. One any of these methods are completed all final documents and divorces do need to be reviewed and signed off by a family court judge.

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