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Divorce Guide


For many, this is a new place and so a visitors guide can be helpful. We use the word visitor as we hope your time here is brief and pleasant in all places possible. In California you can dream big about life after this season.
Your Road Map

The California Divorce Process


The Petition

You or your spouse files a petition. You must be a CA resident of six months and three months within the county.

Amendments & Procedure

You and your spouse must work through all the details together or through your lawyers.

Temporary Orders

Under special circumstances and pending how amicable the separation is there may be grounds to file motions in court.

Custody, Support, Alimony & Fees

You and your spouse must come to an agreement on child rights, financial divisions and legal fees. All cost more as time prolongs.

Request for Order Hearing

You and your spouse must set a date with the court to review your case.

Financial Disclosure

You must share with your spouse your current and most up to date financial situation.

California Discovery Process

If there are any areas of information that need to be requested or further reviewed now is the time.

Witnesses & Consultants

This is the moment to call forward any needed testimony or advisement of professionals.


At this point prior to giving final judgement to the court, you and your spouse through your attorneys can mediate or negotiate final terms.

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California Courts FAQ

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