Domestic Violence

Your safety and the safety of your children is of the highest importance. Threats are not ok! If you or your kids are victims please discuss this with our team or in the case of an emergency dial 911. We may have grounds to file restraining orders and other court ordered protections. You can also call the National Domestic Violence Hotline. It helps victims and survivors of domestic violence.
Call 1-800-799-7233.
Federal Law

In 1994, Congress passed the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

There are legal statutes that protect spouses from their domestic partner from domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and other forms of abuse. Violence can include many things for example, bullying, child maltreatment, sex trafficking and teen dating. Threats to use force or an attempt against another domestic resident can result in misdemeanor charges.


Domestic violence will play a role during judgement.

Domestic violence in California and Michigan will be taken into consideration when determining important outcomes. This can include decisions made around support/alimony, child support, custody and visitation rights.

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