Marriage Counseling

We recommend this for spouses that are already at war before they start the divorce process. Collateral damage can build quickly, especially when you have kids involved. Also known as couples therapy, this active effort helps spouses recognize, communicate about and resolve conflict. Even if both parties are set on divorce, it often will save couples time, money, child relationships and longterm heartache.
California Counselors

Face to Face or Virtual

We can refer you to practitioners that previous clients have had great experiences with. Divorce has a lot of emotion. Protect your childrens' hearts and minds for their future relationship with you and your spouse. Gain knowledge from the shortcomings of this marriage to help both spouses form new relationships that are healthier in the future.

Michigan Counselors

Face to Face or Virtual

Even if you have already thrown in the towel. There is still a lot to salvage for you, your spouse and your kids. We have seen counselors help our clients navigate through what a better future looks like separated while still taking care of their children's' needs. This is an important element that we suggest to help protect the mind and health of both spouses during the divorce process. Ask us about who we know.

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