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You are going to have concerns along the way. Please let us know what they are. What is most important to you in the process? We will be asking you many questions, so please ask us some as well.


How do I get started?

Take a moment to clear your mind, find a comfortable spot to start preparing, gather information, get a free consultation, and set a schedule. Learn more with your first steps guide.

What is no-fault divorce?

This means that the only cause necessary for a divorce needs to be that one spouse believes the marriage to be irreconcilable.  Only one of the partners needs to have the desire to not be married any longer. Keep in mind that behavior during the marriage will be part of the deciding factors if the divorce goes in front of a Judge.

How long does the divorce process take?

The main factors that impact length of divorce are the following. Residency, separation and/or waiting period requirements. In California there is a 6 month and in Michigan there is a 60 day and 6 month with kids (minors) waiting period. The other factor is the complexity of assets/liabilities and ability for both parties to cooperate. Our goal is to aid in an efficient and equitable process representing the interests of our clients. This can be the parting couple as a whole or as an advocate for one spouse.

What is best for the kids?

Family is important and you don’t have to let divorce define yours. Disputes or decisions about property is one thing, however finding common ground for your children is essential for all parties to move on successfully together. There may have been heated moments that were unintended in front of your family. We do recommend a family counselor for divorces with kids, as it helps with more open communication. Taking this time now will help from everyone having to take time later in life to untangle their unheard perspectives.

How much does a divorce cost?

The cost varies. The fixed state courts have fees of $200 to $500. The variable costs are determined by the following. Relatively speaking, the total sum of a divorce can cost a little or large sum of money, time and pain. Just like most things in life, investing time and money up front will pay dividends in your future. The most costly of divorces are those that last onward with modifications for years after the fact. Work with a team that will ask you the difficult questions early and will mediate for you and your spouse. Many of our clients work with us post judgement and we do our best to be as efficient as possible. Simply put in an equation … Your Cost = Time X (Money + Mental Fatigue)

California Courts FAQ

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Michigan Courts FAQ

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