Postnuptial Agreements

California and Michigan both allow it, and they are similar to a prenuptial agreement except in the fact that it is signed after marriage. This often is initiated if one spouse is inheriting a large amount of assets from a family member or has children from another marriage.
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These agreements are very common in the Golden State.

Most popular among couples who have been married many years. This contract can include how property, debts, jewelry, spousal support, and most other items are divided in the event that the couple is not longer married. The agreement must be notarized and only can determine outcomes based on what is permissible by California law.


Some courts do not honor this agreement in this state.

There are very specific requirements that must be upheld in order for these contracts to have any weight in the state of Michigan. In order to be enforceable you must meet the criteria. This includes mainly a review of fraud, fairness and circumstances. Ask our team to learn more.

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